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It's cat and mouse but we're chasing patient feedback

“We’ve got a real opportunity to make this the biggest collection of patient feedback on respiratory reviews in the country”

Dr Binita Kane, clinical lead for the Greater Manchester COPD program.

As a healthcare professional it can be difficult to collect feedback from your patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). To address this challenge, Health Innovation Manchester (HInM), GSK and iWantGreatCare have collaborated to pilot a digital patient feedback platform. The ambition is to ensure that patients have a voice to inform their health system, in turn leading to greater patient participation in how their care, and that of future patients, is provided.

Local patients with COPD and clinicians were interviewed about what it is like living with and treating this condition. Their real voices were recorded and transformed into a range of animated characters so their stories could be told in an engaging way.

Watch the video now to find out what animated cats, squirrels, koalas and pigeons have to say about COPD.

The ‘Rate My Inhaler’ digital feedback platform allows patients with COPD in Manchester to rate and review not only the care they received from their clinicians, but for the first time, review their prescribed COPD maintenance inhalers.


Dr Binita Kane explains:

“We have 67,000 COPD patients registered and there are probably many hundreds if not thousands more who are not diagnosed. One of the things we don’t do very well at the moment is ask our patients for feedback and formally collect that. We want to change this.”


So why use animation?

To tell these patient’s stories in an engaging way we have collaborated with four-time Oscar award winning animators, Aardman. You may recognise Aardman; they have produced many well-known animated films and series, including Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Creature Comforts. “What’s special about this project is that it is raising awareness of COPD and using animation in a very sensitive way but also incorporating a bit of comedy for a little bit of lightness” explains Richard Webber, Director at Aardman. The ambition is that the tone of the animation will encourage patients to leave feedback by showing that it is not an intimidating task.

“We know that we need to empower patients to manage their condition better”

Dr Binita Kane

Why should we care about patient feedback?

It is important to listen to and collect feedback so that patients with COPD are empowered to influence how their care is provided. We hope patients feel inspired by this video to share their experience of living with COPD.  This pilot in Manchester could be the start of more projects of this kind, so that healthcare professionals across the UK can build formal collections of patient feedback, potentially shaping their care and treatment.

Total transparency of feedback will encourage better patient care, facilitate medicines optimisation and lead to a healthier population.

PM-GB-DV-WCNT-190001 April 2019

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