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Laura Rush

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Respiratory Specialist Practice Nurse

Laura is a practice nurse with a specialist interest in respiratory care. A large part of her clinical role involves reviewing complex respiratory patients at the practice to improve disease control and reduce referrals to secondary care.

Laura’s passion for improving care for respiratory patients, including early diagnosis and appropriate management, prompted her to share her knowledge and enthusiasm through a role in teaching to motivate and inspire other healthcare professionals to deliver optimum care. She is involved in local projects to up-skill practice nurses in spirometry and the assessment and management of asthma and COPD and is a member of the Somerset Respiratory Clinical Programme Group. Laura sits on the Primary Care Respiratory Society Education Committee and is a trainer for Education for Health. She is part of the Primary Care Respiratory Academy speaker faculty and has spoken at several conferences as well as being a part of various steering committees and advisory boards. Laura also delivers education through her own training business and has set up a local respiratory interest group in Somerset which meets regularly. In 2018 she had an article on spirometry interpretation published.


  • Expert Placeholder

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    Respiratory Specialist Practice Nurse