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Professor Michael Hyland

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Professor of Health Psychology, Plymouth Marjon University

Michael is a fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Distinguished International Affiliate of Division 38 of the American Psychological Association and is a Chartered Health Psychologist. Michael was Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Plymouth, retiring in 2018. He is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Plymouth, and part time Professor of Health Psychology at Plymouth Marjon University.

His early career was as a theoretical psychologist, working on the nature of theoretical entities particularly in relation to mind-body problems. From the late 1980s he worked as a health psychologist focusing on respiratory disease. He has constructed several outcome and management scales for use in respiratory disease, including the lung information needs questionnaire (LINQ), the DOSE index and most recently the severe asthma questionnaire (SAQ). His research in respiratory medicine includes studies on adherence to medication and its relation to outcome, and the management and outcome of severe asthma in relation to new treatments and the extra-pulmonary symptoms of severe asthma. He has contributed to theoretical development in health psychology, using network theory to explain medically unexplained symptoms and functional disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, developing lifestyle based treatment (body reprogramming) currently provided by the NHS for fibromyalgia patients as well as developing similar lifestyle based interventions for severe asthma patients.

PM-GB-CAU-WCNT-190015 October 2019

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    Professor of Health Psychology, Plymouth Marjon University