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Benjamin Croxford

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Medical Scientific Liaison, GSK. Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, NHS

Ben is Medical Scientific Liaison at GSK and Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist in the NHS. As a physiotherapist, Ben has specialised in Respiratory and Vascular medicine, including acute respiratory care and post-operative amputee rehabilitation.

Throughout his career, Ben has been an advocate for the benefits of good communication with patients in clinical practice and multi-disciplinary team working. Communicating concepts with language, terminology, and relevant analogy that is appropriate to the patient’s style of communication and level of understanding is a great passion of Ben’s. Empowering patients with the knowledge and understanding of their condition is key for him in influencing a patient-centred collaboration between patient and clinician to induce the greatest quality of life improvements possible. Ben is currently working as Medical Scientific Liaison with GSK where he thoroughly enjoys bridging the benefits both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments can have for patients. In time away from work, Ben enjoys spending days at the beach with his fiancée and son where they live in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. When not at the beach he can be found at the golf course or at home working on his latest DIY project.

PM-GB-RS-WCNT-190032 v2 April 2020

  • Expert Placeholder

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    Medical Scientific Liaison, GSK. Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, NHS